Bærekraftig og vegansk maling - The Pure & Original Standard

Pure & Original sine produkter oppfyller de høyeste standardene, og bare de beste råvarene brukes til malingen vår. Alle produktene våre er vannbaserte og innfarget med 100% naturlige pigmenter. Vår maling har lavest mulig VOC-nivå, noen malinger er til og med helt VOC-fri. Malingen vår er også vegansk og er ikke testet på dyr.
Pure & Original maling er etisk produsert i Belgia og oppfyller høye kvalitetsnivåer, med tanke på minst mulig økologisk fotavtrykk. Produsert med respekt for mennesker og naturen!
Du trenger ikke å bekymre deg for om malingen vår bidrar til et positivt inneklima, den er trygg for luften du puster inn, er trygg for familien din og passer meget godt for følsomme forbrukere med allergier.
Pure & Original eco verf

Buy sustainable paint

Even when you buy paint, it is nice to know that the product you buy has a minimal impact on people and the environment. The full range of Pure & Original consists of sustainable paint that we ethically produce in our own paint factory in Belgium. We keep the smallest ecological footprint in mind.

“As an international brand, we stand for the best quality. Our products meet the highest standards and only the best materials are used for our paint. At the same time, we strive to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible during the production and distribution of our paint ”, Erwin Floor, founder of Pure & Original.

Read all about the sustainable, vegan paint from Pure & Original

We are happy to tell you about the benefits of sustainable paint for you, your family and the rest of the world. Our sustainable paint:

Paint with natural and organic pigments

Our paints are coloured with natural and organic pigments. This means that all pigments originate from nature. These pigments contribute to the sustainability and quality requirements that we set for our products.

The difference between natural and synthetic pigments is in more than just the name. Natural and organic pigments are much more complex than synthetic pigments. As a result, the colours have much more depth and colour with the rest of the interior. That way you always have a match. Natural pigments reach a spectrum that a synthetic colour cannot reach.

How does that work? Well like this:
Imagine walking through a field and all around you are colourful flowers in green, blue, white, pink, yellow and purple. You pick a field bouquet from it and put it in a vase. These colours all go together beautifully, one will not easily fall out of place. This is because nature draws colours together. And so it is with pigments.

Now imagine putting a stack of coloured plastic cups on top of each other. This quickly looks harsh and garish, the colours don't blend well with each other. The same can happen with paint that is coloured with synthetic pigments. The colours can show very harshly and don’t go togheter.


Water-based paint

There have been many negative experiences with water-based paint in the past. For example, it would be of poor quality, not strong, scratch easily, always have a shine, cannot withstand water and dry poorly. Fortunately, a lot has changed in this area over time!

Our water-based paint is durable, environmentally friendly and at least as strong as oil-based paint!
  • Is water-based paint of the same quality as oil-based paint?
Absolutely! Our water-based paint is at least of the same quality as an oil-based paint.
  • Do water based paints have the same gloss as oil based paints?
Our range consists of paints of different gloss levels. From velvet and lime matt, to eggshell and high gloss. The gloss also remains beautiful for as long as with an oil-based paint.
  • Are water based paints sensitive to water?
A water-based paint will not dissolve in water. One paint is more vulnerable to water than another paint. This is partly due to the ingredients in the paint. Fresco, for example, is based on lime. Lime is a breathable product that is open. That is why it is wise to finish this type of paint with a sealer if you want to apply it in the kitchen or bathroom. Other types of paint can withstand water without any problems. For example, the Traditional Paint lacquer which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Or the Licetto, a hyper washable wall paint.
  • Can oil-based paint be painted over with water-based paint?
Absolutely! It is important to first sand the surface and apply the indicated primer. Always read the technical data sheets before use.

Paint with natural ingredients

Every day we try to make our products even better, more beautiful and more natural. New colours, richer hues, better ingredients. We prefer to improve the quality for the same price, rather than replace an ingredient for a worse one so that the price drops. This way you are always guaranteed a quality product.

Our products contain as few (unnecessary) additives as possible. We call that back to basic.

VOC free paint

VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound”. These are particles that rise from the paint during painting and then spread through the space. These substances can be very harmful, and if a product contains a lot of VOCs and you are painting a mountain, for example, because you are a professional painter, you may even feel unwell over time, in addition, these particles are also very Harmful for the environment.

That's why all our products contain as little VOCs as possible, because hey, we want to make the world beautiful. Our products never contain more than the maximum amount of VOCs determined by the EU. We try to stay below this max as far as possible, but sometimes you still need these products to develop certain properties. Many solvents, for example, contain VOCs.

Fortunately, we have been able to push the VOC content in many of our products well below the EU max. Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls are even completely VOC-free!

Child-friendly paint

The large amount of natural ingredients, natural and mineral pigments, low odor, low VOC contents and unique properties such as washability make our paints ideal for the smallest in the house. This way you can let your child sleep and play in every room with peace of mind.

CO2 absorbing and circular paint

Lime paint is a sustainable, natural and ecological type of paint that absorbs CO2 from the air during the drying process. As a result, lime paint has the same function as trees have in nature: they reduce the amount of CO2 in the room.

In addition, Fresco lime paint is a circular paint, which means that it is recyclable and can be absorbed by the earth again.

Cruelty-free vegan paint

All our paints are vegan and animal testing free. Only the brushes contain pig bristles.

Packaging and recycling

Almost all our paint is packed in iron tins, which is a lot more durable than the average plastic container. The cans are 100% recyclable. The labels are made from PET and are also recyclable. The packaging in which we deliver our products is made of cardboard and plastic. The plastic is 30% recycled and can also be fully recycled after use. The cardboard is of course also recyclable.

In addition to paint, our range also includes tools such as brushes and spatulas. These are manufactured from high-quality wood that has been cut with the FSC quality mark. The bristles of the brushes come from long-haired pigs.

All our brochures and information can be found digitally, if we have information printed, we always look with critical eyes to see if it is really necessary and we prefer to print too little than too much.