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A colour palette of calm tones and a Scandinavian, modern atmosphere. That is how you can describe the living style of stylist Hana. She tells about the renovation of her home and how she picked out the colours.


My name is Hana, 36 year sold living in a pretty old street in Lillehammer, Norway, with my boyfriend and best friend Stian. I have been working with Pure & Original for about 9 years now, and I am also a ambassador for this beautiful paint. I love all the qualities Pure & Original offers and the natural colour pigments. This gives a special experience of matt finish and the colour palette is unique and easy to paint with!

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Licetto Wet Sand Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalLicetto Wet Sand
Classico Wet Sand Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalClassico Wet Sand
Wet Sand Classico Elephant Skin Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalClassico Wet Sand & Elephant Skin
Licetto Canvas Classico Caramel Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalLicetto Canvas / Classico Caramel

We bought this old project (house from 1937) and have been renovating it for about 2,5 years (all by ourselves). Now it is all 2021 standard. We have no kids and love to create together.

The plan was simple lines, in nordic style. Smooth colours floating with concrete and wood, topped with colourful textiles. Concrete floor and wood oak kitchen was the key for selecting the colours. We chose a light and neutral palette for the kitchen area. Wet Sand is our main colour for the kitchen- and fireplace room at first floor.

We like Wet Sand because it is between somthing cold & warm and is easy to match with other colours. Licetto is great, strong and washable painting.We did use a painter for the painting job, he also loved working with P&O and loved the good coverage. It was all painted by rolling it on, because we have drywalls. We did not hit any problems and the painting job was a dream.

Licetto Wet Sand Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalLicetto Wet Sand
Classico Blue Stone Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalClassico Blue Stone
Classico Polar Blue Moonstone Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalClassico Polar Blue / Moonstone
Licetto Wet Sand Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalLicetto Wet Sand
Sand Storm Licetto Hana Alendar Pure & OriginalLicetto Sand Storm

We had some struggeling finding a colour for the living room, because it is a room with a little less day light then the other rooms. I have been inspired from other projects, to use the Polar Blue colour in the house. It is a happy-color that brings lightness to any kind of room. Together with wood ceiling it is a perfect match we really love. In Norway we have a lot of dark hours in the winter time, so we chose a colour that makes us happy, even in the dark time of year.

Classico is the the favorite kind of paint in the most of the rooms in the house, but Licetto we love because of it is so strong and washable, especially for the hallway and the kitchen.

Below you can find all the colours we used in our home. I work with colours every day, and like to feel a harmony at my home. The colours floating from one room to the other. The feeling of coming to a happy and safe home is most important, Love to use the base colours on my walls and playing with different textures to make different styles. Love to redecorate and add new and old pieces of interior to create new styles.

The ceiling in the hallway is in colour Caramel. We loved that colour from day one when it was added to the colourbrochure by Pure & Original. It creates a great dimension in the whole room and it is a great combo with Canvas, a neutral warm beauty that is easy to combine with every other colour and with wood.

wet sand pure and original
Elephant Skin Pure & Original
Sand Storm Pure & Original
Caramel Pure & Original
Polar Blue Pure & Original
Canvas Pure & Original
Moonstone Pure & Original
Olive Drab Pure & Original
Fresh Olive Pure & Original
Havana Yellow Pure & Original
Brazilian Dust Pure & Original
Blue Stone Pure & Original
Silverplate Pure & Original
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