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There is something about Hana

We are so happy that Hana wants to work with us in the Pure & Original team, and finally, all in Norway can benefit from her incredible talent for colour and interior. Hana is now employed as National Color Expert by Pure & Original Norway.

Hana is going to work with the increasing demand in the project market, as well as helping to colour the homes around Norway. You can read more about Hana at


If you live in Norway and want colour advice and guidance from us, just contact Hana,


Hello from Hana:

‘My first can of Pure & Original paint gave me a lot of fun and I soon became a regular customer who just loved how to use these products as a wand around the house.

After several years as an end consumer, I got a unique opportunity to be a face outward, an ambassador, and today, employed as a National Color Expert for Pure & Original Norway.


Based on a psychologist education, sales experience and interior stylist, I love to work with people and environments and see how much it means for us to enjoy our homes! Colours make us all happy! I would like to do home visits or advise by e-mail and phone, distances should not be limited. Looking forward to greeting you and just colouring your home! If you would like to read a little more about me and my home, see’



We provide free colour guidance to anyone who wants to explore and use our colours in their homes. In this article, you will find some pictures from Hanas own home, all painted with Pure & Original paint.