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Article VAKRE HJEM & INTERIOR Home of Hana Alendar

Hana painted her home with Pure & Original paints.

Publication: Vakre Hjem & Interior
Photography: Iris Floor

Used paints and colours:
Kitchen: Classico Earth Stone, Marrakech Walls Earth Stone, Licetto Black Hills, Traditional Paint Oyster Grey
Dining room: Classico Elephant Skin, Classico White Rhino, Licetto Praline
Living room: Classico Black Smoke, Fresco White Rhino
Bedroom: Classico White Rhino, Fresco Thunder Sky, Classico Greek Sky, Classico Golden Majesty
Hallway: Licetto Cardinal Red
Bathroom: Licetto Cardinal Red and Wet Sand
Colour expert Hana Alandar
Kitchen in Earth Stone, Black Hills and Oyster Grey
Marrakech Walls in the colour Earth Stone in the kitchen
Dining room in White Rhino, Elephant Skin and Prline
Home office in White Rhino, Elephant Skin, Milk White and Praline
Living room in Classico Black Smoke and Fresco White Rhino
Dark livingroom in chalk paint colour Black Smoke
Black livingroom in Black Smoke with grey accents
Hallway in bright Cardinal Red
Bedroom in grey shades White Rhino and Thunder Sky
Grey shades with yellow accents colour Provincial Gold
Bathroom with matte washable paint in red and grey tones