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Article RESIDENCE 2017

A classic apartment in Oslo went through a metamorphose, thanks to paint brand Pure & Original and colour expert Dagny Thurmann-Moe.

Dagny Thurmann-Moe is as happy as can be. Not only did she find the right house, with heigh ceilings, large windows and classic architectural details, but also a creative resident who was willing to face the challenge. ‘I don’t think many people would let their home be a decor for exuberant colour use,’ says the Norwegian colour expert. The apartment is located in a building dating back to around 1850 and contains many original features, such as decorative wall paneling and doorframes. ‘Ideal surfaces for powerful colour accents’, says the colour expert. ‘The high ceilings and the large windows also determine the colours you use, which can be very powerful in this case. Don’t be afraid to choose different shades for different rooms. For example, a dark colour in the bedroom works very well; it provides a sense of security and has a relaxing effect. For the rooms you use most, such as the dining and living room, I generally tend to go slightly lighter, which gives more energy and dynamic.’ The Norwegian prefers to work with the paints from Dutch brand Pure & Original, which was founded in 2006 by Erwin Floor. From the start he lets his paints be made by a small Belgian factory specialized in natural land durable paints, such as chalk paint and lime paint. The natural raw materials and mineral pigments give a much deeper, more intense effect than synthetic paints. ‘It’s high-quality paint that lasts long, just as the shades are timeless.’

A classic apartment in Olso went through a metamorphose
Beautiful classic apartment in Oslo
Apartment coloured in bright tones