Concept Store

Pure & Original Concept Store

Are you in for a special experience? We welcome you at our Concept Store in Lillehammer!

In 2017, we opened our very first Concept Store in Norway. Come by for personal advice, information, tips and we can mix your paint right away so you never have to go home empty-handed. Take a look at our hand painted colour card and A5 samples, painted canvases, real-life big walls in various paint qualities; or sit down for a talk, we would love to meet you!

Ever since the early days, Hana is present next to Idar at the development of Pure & Original in Norway. It is no surprise that she is the person you will find at the Concept Store!
Hana is an interior designer and national colour expert. She can tell you all about colour and colour combinations. 
‘We have a meeting table with three comfortable chairs where we can sit and talk about paint and colours.’ Hana explains. ‘I always recommend taking pictures of the rooms. In this way, we can sit down and make a collage of different colours and create a totally new atmosphere for the interior.’
Hana and Idar in the Pure & Original Concept Store
Pure & Original Concept Store in Lillehammer
Pure & Original colour canvases samples
Idar: ‘This is the first Pure & Original Concept Store in the world. It is run as a regular Star Dealer store, meaning Hana can mix the paint right away, special for you. Together with Hana we planned the shop and we are very happy with the result!’

Hana: ‘We have settled down on the second floor at the mall Strandtorget in Lillehammer. It is the only mall in this small Olympic city.’ ‘The first time we were visiting for the location, we fell in love with this place’, she continues. ‘We love the light up here, that gets our colours to look the way they are, there is no light pollution by yellow lightning or so.

We have a good spot, seen from the whole second floor and people sitting in the cafeteria on the first floor can also have a sneak peek of our shop. We have no doors in the shop, as mentioned, it is a Concept Store, and a showroom also.’

Visiting the Pure & Original Concept Store

You are welcome every week of the day to visit the showroom.

Hana is present at the Concept Store:
Every Thursday and Friday from 15:00h – 18:00h 
And every third Saturday from 12:00h – 15:00h 

If you would like to make an appointment with Hana, also on other weekdays, you can contact Hana at, phone 92048575 or