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Fresco - Kalkmaling

Kalkmaling har eksistert i tusenvis av år og er igjen produsert av Pure & Original på tradisjonelt vis. Den er tilgjengelig i mer enn 180 Pure & Originals vakre farger. Vår Fresco kalkmaling er en 100% økologisk og bærekraftig produsert naturlig maling, sammensatt av lesket kalk og naturlige fargepigmenter. Kalkmaling kan brukes hvor som helst i huset, selv på badet og på kjøkkenet!

Merk: Fresco kalkmaling er en 100% mineralsk maling og har et veldig spesifikt og personlig utseende, glans, tekstur og fargeopplevelse. Besøk våre forhandlere for å se på de håndmalte prøvene. Farger kan avvike på grunn av  de naturlige råstoffene, vannfortynning og påføringsmetode.

Påføring av Fresco Kalkmaling

It is very simple to apply Lime paint by yourself. The unique nature of the Lime paint creates subtle colour nuances in a streaky or cloudy effect. To obtain this attractive appearance, you don’t need to use any special techniques. The combination of lime, pigment and water will create the effect in a natural way. There is no need to apply two colours over one another or to use other difficult application techniques. It’s all in the paint!

Apply the Lime paint with a Lime paint brush (a brush with extra long and firm hairs). It will make it simpler, easier and faster to apply the Lime paint. Another application method is called “Al Fresco”. This means applying the paint with a brush that you dip in water first. Using this method, the paint is more diluted, which strengthens the Lime effect and will create even more variation.

Prime the wall with Pure & Original WallPrim to ensure optimum adhesion. One litre of Lime paint covers about 8 - 12 square meters with a single layer. If you adjust to the Al Fresco method, you can cover even more surface because of the larger dilution. If more than one can of the same colour is required, mix the paint in advance to avoid colour differences. Due to the action of the minerals in the Lime paint, the substrate and structure of the wall, the colour may appear slightly different on the wall than on a colour sheet. Is this your first time working with Lime paint? We recommend that you set up a sample board first and start experimenting with different techniques. Practising is the best way to learn.

Lime paint is breathable, mould and bacteria-resistant and suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. To protect Lime paint, you can apply Dead Flat Eco Sealer, what makes the paint moisture-resistant and washable.

MERK. YouTube videoene under er med Nederlandsk tale, men tekstet på Engelsk!

Fordeler med Fresco Kalkmaling

Pure & Original Lime paint is a durable paint, made in a traditional way by people with passion and knowledge for the profession. The paint is 100% mineral and stained with 100% natural pigments and is, therefore, an environmentally-friendly product. The look is extremely matt, giving your walls a “weathered”, lived-in look, which only gets more and more beautiful as time passes.

Pure & Original Fresco Lime paint:
  • Is incombustible.
  • Is mould and bacteria-resistant.
  • Prevents moisture problems and ensures continued breathing of the painted surface.
  • Has a beautiful and unique appearance with aesthetic strokes. 

Despite the many advantages of Lime paint it also has limitations, including:
  • Repainting over the Lime paint is possible, but always prepare the surface with one layer of Pure & Original Fresco Special Fix. You may then apply any other paint to the surface.
  • Touch-up can be tricky and you are likely to see some difference in colour when Lime paint is applied at different times.
  • Lime paint is porous and, therefore, is easily affected by water and fat. When used in the kitchen or bathroom, we recommend that you protect the Lime paint by applying our Deat Flat Eco Sealer.
  • For any area directly exposed to water, protection with our Dead Flat Eco Sealer is also recommended. It is not advisable to use the Lime paint on the interior side of showers. 
Fresco Lime paint in the colour Black Truffle, applied in the bedroom